Sunday, May 24, 2009

Role Play Market - RP shopping all in one place!

A friend of mine told me about this new market in Second Life opening and thought that my products would fit in. I was totally amazed when I rezzed at Role Play Market. The teleport point is in the center atrium - a field of green with a fountain and benches. As the market starts to rez around you, you notice the very unique doorways into each of the themed areas.

The teleport board indicates the themed areas:

Role Play Market is a is intended to be a destination for all inclusive Role Play Specific Shopping, Classes & Activities, RP Sim Advertisements, and a social gathering spot for all gamers & role players alike.

If you're interested in being a vendor at the market, this is a wonderful opportunity for all content creators of role play goods and services. Role Play market is a great place whether you're just starting your business or looking for a fun and exciting new way to expand your brand. Pick the area that best fits your products. If you need assistance the management staff will assist you. The management staff is dedicated to making the market work and shows it in the advertising and promotion, as well as the tremendous help they are to vendors. Prime spots are filling fast, so check out the market today.

Whether you are shopping for role play items, want to sell your products in a themed area, or just want to see a great example of a creative area in SL, a visit to Role Play Market is a must! Be sure to visit Effie's Designs in the Gothic area.

Click HERE to visit Role Play Market. (Role Play Market 113, 128, 22)

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