Saturday, May 30, 2009

Morphe Inc. has been a place that I frequent for some time now. Abel Dreamscape is very talented in building dark, mysterious castles that are also quite elegant. As a castle lover, I enjoy every moment I mosey through his sim and castles.

Morphe's newest creation is Malicia - a tall (65 meters high) castle. The ominous towering stature is only the beginning. Abel packs in many details that make the castles special - ability to turn torches on and off, sculpted staircases with arched doorways, torches and torchieres with particle flames, ability to turn torches on and off, doors that open with a mechanical knob, elegant railings, and more!

The castles are also packed with overlooks showing you the beauty of the sim. Morphe is not only a place to buy castles and sculptures, it is a place to explore and take in the beauty. Explore the many rooms of the castles. Castle Darkness is a favorite to explore with the secret doors and corridors and the and the dark, mysterious cavern under the castle.

Don't miss the awesome sculptures at Morphe. I was so impressed by them that several of them adorn (and are for sale) at my castle at Effie's Designs.

To visit Morphe, CLICK HERE. (Snow Crash 101, 133, 24)

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