Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ugly Freebies? - Answer: The Free Dove

In my search the other day (for what, I can't remember), I found an interesting freebie store called The Free Dove.

I guess The Free Dove has been in existence for a while; however, I just did not know about it. The store, created by Palomma Casanova, is stocked with free items from SL designers. The designers have put out boxes of free clothes, accessories, skins, shapes, shoes, hair, and jewelry to help dress new residents of SL. Items are available for male and female avies.

I thought it was a novel idea. Help out new residents to quickly create a "look" for free and promote new and established designers. If new residents like your items, they will visit your store when they have lindens. Some of the participating designers that I am familiar with are Awesome Designs, Stellar Designs, Rebel Hope Designs, Image Reflections, Insolence, Digital Knickers, Sirena, and Vindi Vindaloo. Pictures of some of the items I got for free are below.

Whether you are new to SL or a veteran that loves freebies, you'll find something at The Free Dove.

To visit Free Dove, CLICK HERE. (Gallii 113, 55, 33)

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