Sunday, June 22, 2008

How much lag do you create?

Ever wonder how much lag your avie creates in an environment. If you have the Release Candidate client, you can view your Rendering Cost.

The Rendering Cost includes everything on your avie including the heavy prim hair. It's a number that is calculated based on how much work your computer needs to go through to render your particular avatar. The Rendering Cost is displayed over your avie's head. If the Rendering Cost is okay, it's displayed in green. If it is high, it's displayed in red.

In the picture above, when Effie is in a basic capris outfit with her short hair, her render score is only 773 which is very good. Then I put Effie in long flexi hair with a complicated ball gown including prim upper sleeves, flexi lower sleeves, an under-skirt, and a long flowing flexi-skirt. The new outfit and hair soared the Rendering Score to a whopping 2782! And, of course, it turned red.

To find out the rendering score of your avie (and the avies around you), here are the steps:

- Open the ADVANCED menu. (If it is not available, press CTRL + ALT + D)

- Open the RENDERING sub menu.

- Open the INFO DISPLAYS sub menu.


To turn it back off, follow the same steps.

So, what's your Avatar Rendering Cost?

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