Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Sims Are Alive With The Sounds of MUSIC

I love most genres of music... country to jazz, classical to rock. So, it's not surprising that I discovered LIVE MUSIC in Second Life very shortly after becoming a resident.

The talent on SL truly amazes me. People from all over the world with vocal and/or instrument talent all converge on SL to share their amazing talent with other people from all over the world. You can find a live performance being streamed into SL (how the music is delivered into SL for you to hear it) at almost any time of the day. Instructions for finding live music events and how to listen are at the bottom of this posting.

Here are a few of my favorite SL Live Performers:

Kim Seifert

If you are a friend of mine, Kim being the first name is not a surprise to you. I've been attending Kimmee concerts almost my entire second life. Kim and I have also met in real life. She is as dynamic and sweet in real life as her stage presence in SL.

Kim’s musical style and personal sound is well suited for high energy country rock, and this where she shines and has the most fun. Personally, I also love when her powerful voice lends itself to a jazz tune. Her dynamic voice will have your heart singing with joy, and your feet dancing out of control. Polished and clean, with excellent range and emotional power, Kim’s performance will take you away.

Paisley Beebe

Even though I like a lot of music genres, jazz just somehow touches my soul. I remember walking into a Paisley Beebe concert the first time and thinking that I could get used to listing to her a lot. Many call her the Queen of Jazz in SL.

Paisley Beebe is Australia's only Female artist doing Live concerts on Second Life. Her shows are always lively and highly entertaining in every aspect.

Starr Singer

I first heard Starr Singer at Kim's Rezz Day Party. (Rezz Day is the equivalent of a birthday in SL.) I was immediately impressed. Starr is an entertainer/vocalist in real life and well as Secondlife. She loves singing and the songs come from her heart. Her playlist is very diversified, and she performs tunes from many different genres such as blues, jazz, pop, rock/classic rock, ballads, standards, RnB, country, Broadway, oldies and show tunes. The songs span many eras, from 40's to the present.

Joaquin Gustav

Joaquin is one of my newer favorites. He is from Argentina and plays an acoustic guitar. He is a music teacher oriented in smooth jazz, rock, and South American music such as Tango, Milonga, Candombe, etc. He gives a spirited show to awake the passion for music in you. Grab a dance partner and go enjoy one of his shows.

Nad Gough

Oh my, what can I say about Nad. Nad is truly an entertainer! I definitely have a smile on my face when I leave his shows.

Through his multi-instrument arrangements, Nad Gough gives second life to songs you love by The Beatles, Moody Blues, Van Morrison, Elvis, Stones, Pretenders and stuff! His tender and poetic original songwriting will touch your heart and stuff. Nad sings to CD quality backing tracks which he lovingly and painstakingly creates on his computer using hi tech sound and software and stuff. The music is always only half the fun! Nad has a wonderful, quirky sense of humor that fills your soul with warm laughter. Experience Second Life through the unpredictable mind of Nad. And stuff.

Maximillion Kleen

Max is one of my newer favorites. He can make the strings of a guitar make the most awesome music. His music touches my soul. You know how that a song sometimes just sticks with you all day, and you can't get it out of your head? I've had that happen after listing to Max. :-)

He performs almost nightly in-world at various live music venues. He plays a solo acoustic guitar with vocals covering popular and well-loved songs, old and new. He touches on rock, pop, alternative, old country, emo, rock-folk, Canadiana, and hip-hop.

Lyn Carlberg

Lyn Carlberg has been a friend of mine in SL since almost the beginning. He is from Wales (UK), land of song, dragons and rugby. He plays a Martin electro-acoustic guitar, and has been performing live in SL since Sept 2007. Lyn's songs are soft, melodic tunes that touch your romantic soul.

Lyn likes to play a folky-style like Paul Simon, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, Cat Stevens and bluesy-mushy-weepy romantic covers of Clapton, Dylan, Dire Straits, Sting and many others. Lyn also sings traditional Celtic love songs and a few of his originals.

Stella Silvansky

I listened to Stella for the first time at a friend's venue. He told me he had some new SL live talent singing, so I couldn't resist going. To my surprise, I really liked her!

Stella is a girl who has no problem being the center of attention. She sings the shower, in her car, while cleaning the kitchen...and now in SL. She listens to everything from alt-rock to country to big band, but she loves to sing Natalie Merchant, Trisha Yearwood, Jewel, Alanis, Gwen Stefani and Indigo Girls to name a few.

Fable Sinatra

Fable is a talented singer and guitarist from the United Kingdom. Fable is a true English Rose with the voice to match. She plays semi acoustic guitar and sings. Fable mainly does British indie covers and her own originals. In SL, it really helps to have a very sweet personality to go with the sweet voice.

Pam & Bill Havercamp

Pam & Bill were the first live SL artists I ever heard. I teleported to Barcelona when I was a newbie, and noticed a crowd at the cafe. I watched for a while before I realized that they were singing live. They perform acoustic classic rock. They perform a mixture of oldies and country from the 50's 60's 70's and beyond, including the Beatles, Eagles, Stevie Nicks, Rolling Stones, Bruce Springstein, Dire Straits and more with a few country songs and originals sprinkled in.


To find live events in SL, following these steps:

1. Click the SEARCH button on the bottom of the SL client.

2. Click the EVENTS tab at the top of the search box.

3. Click the down arrow next to the CATEGORY tag at the top.

4. Select LIVE MUSIC.

5. Click SEARCH at the top right.

All the live events will be listed starting with the soonest to begin at the top.

Once you arrive at the event, you need to turn the music stream on to listen. On the bottom of the client you will see a couple of music notes. Click the button that looks like a triangle to turn the music on. The square that appears will stop the music.

Keep two things in mind. First, sometimes you may have to wait a few seconds to hear the music. And, second, you may have to toggle the music on and off if you have any issues.

If you need any help, IM me in world.


Mal Burns said...

Just a note on finding music events in Eselle ...

The above may be a better way of looking quickly and loads fine in the Linden integrated browser.

Nad said...

Wow, Effie! What a great blog! I appreciate your impeccable writing and easy explanations for terms that may be unfamiliar to newer users. Thank you for mentioning me in your favorites.