Sunday, January 10, 2010

Arcachon - A French Seaside

About a week ago, I discovered a beautiful French seaside called Arcachon. Arcachon is made to resemble the seaside resort in the south of France by the same name.

The teleport point lands you in the small, quaint village square complete with a center park graced with a fountain, Mayor's office, cafe, and church. From the town square, you can take a balloon ride to get an overview of the sites.

As well as beauty, this harbor town has many activities to enjoy. Take a relaxing boat ride in the harbor, take a tour on a scooter, hang glide through the skies, horseback ride over the different terrains, speed through the waters on a jet ski, and more! A few surprises are in store for you along the way such as the falling pine cones in the forest.

Whether you want to just enjoy the beach, explore this fascinating place, or find some activities to do, Arcachon has it all for you.

Additional pictures and information in French for Arcachon can be found on the Arcachon blog. CLICK HERE to view the blog.

To visit Arcachon, CLICK HERE. (Arcachon 215 228 26)

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