Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cap Estel @ Lonely Star - Glistening Winter Wonderland

Cap Estel is a nice quiet winter park. Whether you want to just sit and take in the beauty of the area, explore the nooks and crannies, or take a sleigh ride, the tranquil park has something for you. Included in the ambiance of the park is the whistling winds blowing through the trees and the animals you will see along your travels. The activities here were definitely made with couples in mind:

-Sleigh Ride - Hold on to your sweetie and take a sleigh ride around the sim. The sleigh is conveniently right at the tp point.

-Couple's Walk - Also right at the tp point is a couple's walk. Take a stroll through the frigid pathways. Hold tight to your sweetie for warmth. :-)

-Skating - If you have a pair of skates, make your figure eights on the frozen lake in the middle of the winter beauty.

-Guest Cabin - Take your sweetie to the cabin to enjoy some cuddling in front of the roaring fire.

-Bath House - Warm up and take a swim in the bath house.

-Sledding - Take the lift up the mountain. You will find a sled waiting for you to ride down the slopes. (Hint: Use your arrow keys to control the sled.)

Explore this gorgeous place created by my new friend, Maurice. You will discover more along your journey.

To visit Cap Estel, CLICK HERE. (Lonely Star 100 96 12)

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