Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mont Saint-Michel - A masterpiece to explore

I share a wish with many people around SL. We wish that there was a place to go to find out where the locations are on the preview page of the client. Personally, I have seen pictures of many places that I'd love to visit. A friend saw a picture of a magnificent build with a towering castle-like structure and pathways leading up to it. Determined to figure out where this build was how he discovered Mont Saint-Michel and shared it with me.

Mont Saint-Michel's real life counterpart is a beautiful, towering city in Normandy, France. It's a tidal island that was shaped by erosian as the sea levels rose. Very much like its physical counterpart, the Second Life Mont Saint-Michel has stone buildings and streets clinging desperately to the hill that is the mount.

To understand the build, one might like to know a bit of the history of the real-life counterpart. CLICK HERE to see the entry on Wikipedia.

When you arrive at Mont Saint-Michel, you are outside of a welcome center area with posters resembling those in the real version I suppose. You will also find an Xstreet SL vendor hidden in a corner. Just past the welcome area is a tourism type area with teleports to the various stores and the La Cafe Poulard. Venture into the large, black photo booth. My SL boyfriend and I had a blast trying to figure it out. We eventually got a decent picture after lengthy periods of laughter.

As you walk further, you will discover that most of the winding roads are lined with small shops rented out to various vendors. They line the pathways leading up to the abbey. Beware that the pathways are very narrow at times and a newer avie to SL may find it difficult to maneuver through.

The pathways also have little garden areas along the way. There are many doorways and paths through the structure. Exploring Mont Saint-Michel is one that takes time and curiosity to enjoy it fully.

At the top of Mont Saint-Michel, you'll find the simple, but magnificent abbey sitting tall with grandeur. Explore the many doors around the abbey, too. A garden court yard is adjacent to the abbey.

Take your time and explore. To visit Mont Saint-Michel, CLICK HERE. (Mont Saint Michel 75, 16, 21)

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