Sunday, August 2, 2009

Drowsy - A great leisurely walk of exploration

The sim Drowsy was selected the Favorite Second Life Sim of Spring/Summer by Koinup, NWN Readers. (New World Notes Blog) So, I decided to go take a peek for myself.

You teleport into a small, seaside town with little boutiques lining cobblestone streets. The textures show the quaint town as being there for a while with the rich hues and weathered look. A bit of whimsical nature is seen immediately in the pig-looking statue with plants growing on it to the puppet theater that shows a rabbit chasing a girl.

As you walk through the cobblestone streets and pathways stop to look at everything. The detail and bits of whimsy are a big part of the charm of Drowsy.

You will stroll by a park, an old dilapidated warehouse, a library, a courtyard flanked with stores, a small riverside town, and Drowsy's Horror Summer Festival. Don't forget to point your mouse at things. There are many small things along the way that are freebies.

Many of the buildings also house stores. The sim was actually created to hold the stores the Japanese SL clothiers Kurotsubaki, BP, and Zero Number. Skin, clothes, hair and a few odds and ends will be found for sale throughout the sim.

My suggestion is to take your time and absorb this marvelous place.

To visit Drowsy, CLICK HERE. (Drowsy 187, 49, 37)

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