Sunday, March 15, 2009

Swamp Hotel - Solve a Mystery

Many people love to solve mysteries. MadPea Productions has created a mystery in Second Life called Swamp Hotel. When you arrive, you get the following instructions:

On the 7th of August seven people vanished from the Swamp Hotel... but not without a trace. Unravel the mystery of this mass disappearance by finding out about the guests and their activities, preparing yourself for a shocking surprise.

One thing leads to another in this game, pay attention to little details and collect everything you can find. To activate certain parts of the game, you need to WEAR the right object and click the object you want to activate with it. Make sure to turn your animation override off for the animations to work properly.

Walk around the rooms of the hotel and click and look at everything. It was reminiscent of the games of Myst or Riven.

Have fun!

To visit the Swamp Hotel, CLICK HERE. (Orange Island 196, 220, 20)

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