Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Suffugium - An Exploration Paradise

I had no idea what to expect when I read that this sim was a cross between steampunk and futuristic. It turned out to be a great adventure. According to Orange Island blog,

Suffugium is a project of the Squidsoft Collective. Even on a short visit (and this is without exploring the narrative in detail) you get the sense of a city that’s been walled off from a horrific catastrophe, and has subsequently made serious sacrifices with individual liberty, to keep the people safe. (While still making sure they keep shopping.) So what we have is a 3D commercial space that also functions as social commentary and immersive cyberpunk fiction.

The teleport location is the main plaza with a rather large sculpture looming over you. The sculpture itself is a rather scary looking representation of a man in chains. The inscription at the bottom reads, "Legum servi sumus ut liberi esse possimus" which is Latin for "We are servants of the law, so that we may be free."

As you explore the sim, you will notice that the law is always around you. Police drones will ask you to stay still while they scan you. Then they will tell tell you to go about your business. However, they call you "sub-citizen." Interesting way to welcome people. LOL

You're told to scan your hand when you enter the city. The scan allows you to obtain the sim rules. Basically, the rules ask you to be nice.

You'll see different views around every corner of destruction and normalcy from wrecked vehicles to operating stores.

In a couple of places like the theater, I tried turning on media but didn't encounter any type of media.

As you tour through Suffugium, make sure you look in the "nooks and crannies" and try clicking on things. There are surprises everywhere including secret passages. The manhole covers open and take you into the sewer system which allows you to get to different parts of the city underground. You may want to dress more the part. My short skirt and high heels took away from the fact I was going through a sewer.

When I emerged from the sewer system, I found myself at a diner. Robots tend to be your shop keepers around Suffugium like in the diner.

I've been to Suffugium three times now. Each time I discover more and more. I've discovered a type of game in a tower near the arrival plaza. A racket needs to be purchased for L$200 to play. There are even observation areas. Secret passages in the towering hotel/apartment building were found.

Suffugium is one of those times that you need to take your time to explore. There are so many things to see here. This is why I call it "an exploration paradise."

To visit Suffugium, CLICK HERE. (Suffugium 102, 116, 34)

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