Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scratch That!

As wonderful as Facebook is, I am amazed that they treat accounts like they are still in college and can rule the world. Effie's FB account has been disabled. As my RL avie looks in the mirror and laughs at the thought of not being real, I wonder how real they want someone.

Every single RL avie in SL has a RL person behind the keyboard. A REAL LIFE person with REAL LIFE feelings. We have our social circles. We even have friends crossing from SL into our real lives. We have businesses in SL that we run with great customer service. Some of us are even educators in SL - REAL LIFE degreed educators.

Maybe someone should whisper in Mark Zuckerberg's ear that the beauty of the Internet is that people that do not want to give their real life identity should not have to. An alias can bring the most shy person into social circles and change their lives in a positive manner. I also have to wonder if Mark always tells everyone who he is. Or does he logon places with an alias because everyone would know who he was. An interesting thought to ponder.

Facebook, wise up! There are good people out there that do not want to use their real life names. They are good people that want to love Facebook.

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