Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wolf Mountain Ski Resort

Well, it is about time that I post some more exciting places to visit in Second Life. So, I am going to start posting cool places to visit to celebrate the holidays and winter season.

The first place I visited was Wolf Mountain Ski Resort. The ski resort sits on 6 sims with many winter activities. The landing point is the lodge. The lodge has a grand fireplace to sit by and chat and information on the resort including cabin rentals.

Activities include:

- Horseback Riding
- Skiing
- Canoeing
- Snowboarding
- Taking a Sleigh Ride

Because it is such a large place, it is fun just to walk around and explore what is there. Of course, this is SL, so it took a little bit to figure some things out. My boyfriend and I had a hoot with it.

To visit Wolf Mounting, CLICK HERE. (PeachTree Resort 52 43 33)

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