Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pteron - Tranquil Beauty

Pteron is absolutely beautiful with colors of emerald, teal and blues glowing with emanating light from it's buildings and structures around a sim set in dark night. The sim has a calming tranquil beauty... a place of peacefulness. But, it also seems to have a mystery behind it that I can't place my finger on. It perplexes me as to the heart of the purpose. Is it art? Is there a mystery behind it? Are you supposed to find things? Is it all of these things?

Pteron, as defined by Wikipedia is "an architectural term used by Pliny the Elder for the peristyle of the tomb of Mausolus, which was raised on a lofty podium, and so differed from an ordinary peristyle raised only on a stylobate, as in Greek temples, or on a low podium, as in Roman temples." I can see this influence especially in the structure in the center of the sim.

When you arrive, you are on a platform high above the water with a "wall" behind you. The wall is actually a door and opens as you walk towards it. It's a marvelous place to explore. I started right clicking on objects and found that they teleported me to other places in the sim. So, don't hesitate to click on things.

Explore the sim. You may end up in a box or even an usual vehicle. Have fun!

To visit Pteron, CLICK HERE. (pteron 236, 129, 33)

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