Sunday, December 2, 2007

Shop a Little... And View the Decorations

Well, I have finally finished the decoration of four shopping plazas in SL. Little did I know that I was going to give myself a crash course in building to accomplish the decorations for the plazas. It has been an extremely educational and busy couple of weeks.

Each location has FREE Gift Wrapping. You can buy the pre-made boxes for $0 and use them for your Christmas gifts.

Here are the locations of the plazas. Come browse and enjoy the decor!

Pacific Hills Square

Pacific Hills Square was decorated as a poinsettia paradise. You'll find large poinsettia trees, poinsettia plants, and planters with poinsettias and trees that I built myself. The snow is lightly falling in Pacific Hills, so you can grab a cup of hot chocolate from the snowmen.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Electra 144, 164, 80)

Oceanside Plaza

Oceanside Plaza was decorated in the spirit of candy. You'll find red and white Christmas trees, giant candy canes, and a gingerbread house to explore. Red and green benches placed around the plaza give you a nice resting place when you need a rest from holiday shopping.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Agapema 120, 118, 29)

Terrace Plaza

Terrace Plaza was decorated in the spirit of toys. You'll find giant wooden blocks fully textured and created by myself wishing you a Merry Christmas. Christmas trees in red and white lights are dotted throughout the plaza. Terrace Plaza is also the home of Effie's Epicurious Emporium which is due to open soon!

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Agapema 220, 174, 39)

Cascadia Plaza

I have to admit that Cascadia Plaza is my favorite plaza decorated in a snowy winter wonderland. The snow is falling, the grass is blanketed with snow, the trees are flocked with white, the penguins stand by their igloo, and ice sculptures of deer stand nearby. The snowmen also give out hot chocolate here to warm you in the beautiful cold snow.

To visit, CLICK HERE. (Electra 155, 77, 66)

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