Friday, November 2, 2007

Decorating for Thanksgiving

Now that Halloween is over, it's time to start thinking about the holidays. However, before jumping into the Christmas season, I have to pay tribute to Thanksgiving. I think that we are in such a rush sometimes to get to the Christmas season that Thanksgiving just becomes a blur. I have compiled a short list of places that you can shop for Thanksgiving decor in Second Life. Have fun exploring these places and decorating for a holiday with a lot of meaning.

Fairplay Designs&Art!

You will find Fall and Thanksgiving wreaths, flowers, pumpkins, candles, gift boxes and bags, balloons, colorful leaves and even pies!

To visit Fairplay, CLICK HERE. (Joiner 244, 38, 33)

Family Christmas Shoppe

Hay stacks, bails of hay, pumpkins, piles of fall leaves and baskets of corn and apples are at the Family Christmas Shoppe.

To visit Family Christmas Shoppe, CLICK HERE. (Agrius 27, 81, 67)

Kitchen Korner

Anything you need in the way of food can be found at Kitchen Korner such as turkey, pies, cranberry sauce and other side dishes. You can even find decorative elements for your table such as cornucopias and Indian corn candles. Kitchen Korner has a Holiday Turkey Dinner for 2 - 10 guests which includes the table, chairs, turkey, turkey dinners, candle, rolls, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, place mats and bonus items like a coffee service and champagne bucket.

To visit Kitchen Korner, CLICK HERE. (Kitchen Korner 201, 74, 42)

Thanksgiving Store

You will find decorative items such as wall decorations, holiday flags, wreaths, holiday tables, welcome mats and even a pilgram hat.

To visit the Thanksgiving Store, CLICK HERE. (Bisset 208, 70, 31)

Naughty Nibbles Food Store

Buy a complete Thanksgiving dining setup at Naughty Nibbles which includes table, 8 chairs, place mats, utensils, turkey, rolls, side dishes, punch, and plenty of desserts.

To visit Naughty Nibbles Food Store, CLICK HERE. (Baekdu 154, 189, 74)

Party Headquarters

You will find outdoor as well as indoor decorations for Thanksgiving at Party Headquarters. Items include Indians, Pilgrims, tee pees, a turkey, a hayride, bails of hay, mums, a corn field, welcome mats, decorated tables, turkey slippers, a fall leaf cuddle rug, wall decorations and more.

To visit Party Headquarters, CLICK HERE. (Killtower 227, 82, 55)

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